Bravely Second Has 14,000 Lines of Dialogue, Dev Would "Love" to Make Third Game

The team recorded 50 lines an hour for three months to get the job done; producer eager to make another game.


Recently released Nintendo 3DS role-playing game Bravely Second: End Layer features 14,000 lines of dialogue, it was announced today during a PAX East panel.

Square Enix localization lead John Townsend shared the figure today during a presentation titled "Continuing To Be Brave! The Development of Bravely Second: End Layer.

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During the recording session, the team recorded 50 lines per hour for three months to get all the work done. Around 50 actors were involved in the recording process, Townsend said. It's not immediately clear if the figures he revealed are for both Japanese and English, but in any event, it's a lot of dialogue.

To put that figure into context, Bethesda's massive console and PC RPG featured more than 111,000 lines of dialogue, which is more than the combined amount of dialogue in Skyrim and Fallout 3.

During a Q&A session after the briefing, a fan asked co-producer Masashi Takahashi, who was also on the panel, if there might be a third game. He said it's company policy that he cannot make any announcements, but said he would "love" to return to the Bravely universe in the future.

The first two games that Takahashi worked on after joining Square Enix were Bravely Default (2012) and the sequel, he pointed out, adding that the series is special to him.

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