Bravely Default II Drops To $42 In Black Friday Amazon Deal

The charming and old school RPG Bravely Default II just got a rare discount over on Amazon.


A good RPG can be an incredible timesink, and for Black Friday, Amazon has the incredibly charming Bravely Default II marked down for the occasion. Developed by Claytechworks and published by Square Enix, Bravely Default II is an old-school RPG experience, one that revels in sprawling stories, tons of grinding to get stronger, and facing all manner of fantasy beasts that want to put an end to your grand quest.

If you're unfamiliar with the series, Bravely Default II gets its namesake from an innovative risk-reward combat system. Health and magic meters are standard here, but there's also a defense command titled Default, which allows you to bank your battle points during a turn-based encounter. The Brave command then lets you spend up to four actions, but if you don't have enough BP banked you go into debt and skip future turns undefended.

It's a creative system that makes for some high risk and reward gameplay, and together with the game's fun story, characters, and classic approach to fantasy, it makes for a delightful single-player experience.

"There's a lot to like and a core that's still fun and engaging," critic Steve Watts wrote in his Bravely Default II review. "I've loved the Bravely Default series for letting me feel like I'm 15 again--with all the time in the world to grind out a full set of level-99 characters--while still respecting my time by recognizing I don't actually want to do that."

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