Bravely Default coming to North America in 2014

Nintendo confirms 3DS RPG Flying Fairy coming stateside next year; special edition Animal Crossing 3DS XL launching June 9.


Square Enix 3DS role-playing game Bravely Default: Flying Fairy is coming to North America in 2014, Nintendo of America's Bill Trinen announced today during a Nintendo Direct video presentation.

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The game launched last October in Japan.

Nintendo also today revealed a special edition Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DSXL bundle that sports a special design and includes a preinstalled copy of the game.

The bundle will retail for $220 in North America.

Other highlights from the Nintendo Direct presentation today included Nintendo announcing a July 16 release date for 3DS game Shin Megami Tensei IV. All launch copies of this game will include a music CD, strategy guide, and special slip cover, Nintendo said.

Lastly, Nintendo announced today that a new entry in the Professor Layton series will release in 2014 for 3DS in North America. This game is called Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies and as developer Level-5 said August, will be Layton's last adventure.

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Avatar image for HyouVizier

I find it odd EU will be getting the 2.0 version before JPN

Avatar image for TalesOfGod

That's great! It's a good game so I'll pick it up when it does come.

Now just bring us Time Travellers to english please!!

I don't care if it is just subbed!


Avatar image for lalaypips

hgahwruh lhy agauwta

Avatar image for blaze_boy30

2014 is too far away... :(

Avatar image for JoonKimDMD

@blaze_boy30 i wonder when DQ7 will come to the US. probably 2016,

Avatar image for Downloadpilot

Looks good! And hey, I like the name :)

Avatar image for Blanka13

omg 3ds has more great games coming than ps3-ps4 xbox360-xbox720 wiu together :)

Avatar image for Armysniper89

Bravely Default? Are you kidding me? That is the name? Wow...they really need to make these game names coming from Japan a little more inventive instead of translated.

Avatar image for Breyant

@Armysniper89 You know it was called Bravely Default: Flying Fairy in Japan too right? It's not a translation, just a bizarre name lol

Avatar image for Armysniper89

@Breyant I don't follow games from Japan so know. OK now I am even more concerned. Who names games there and what drug are they on? ;)

Avatar image for ixmardukxi

the 3ds gets tons of JRPGs O_O, never was a fan of the Nintendo DS but this I feel really tempted to buy the 3ds

Avatar image for RippleLaser

Western culture embraces maturity while Eastern culture embraces youth, that's my observation.

Avatar image for franzito

A SQEX RPG? Should I trust it?

Avatar image for NAWAF005

@franzito Apparently it was critically acclaimed in Japan and was praised for returning to SE's Final Fantasy roots.

Let's see how it goes.

Avatar image for voljin1987

@franzito as long as its not a sequel to ff13 you shld be fine

Avatar image for tightwad34

Another RPG for the 3DS. There were about 5,632 RPGs for the DS and I knew it would continue for the 3DS so I got one.

Avatar image for JRLennis

I suppose this is great news, if you're a fan of portables. Once again console owners get the shaft on RPGs.

Avatar image for beny_pimpster

nice, more rpg's for the 3ds

Avatar image for SNESNOSTALGIA2

2014 is a while away but honestly I'm just completely stoked that we are getting in NA at all. I think Square is starting to turn a new leaf and ill be buying this day one. Just go click on forum section of this game and you can see the post I made months ago about how bewildered I was that Square wasn't localizing this stateside. Well I was wrong and I'm sorry for the hate Square - cant wait to play this gorgeous looking game! Very excited!!!!

Avatar image for FFBMason

The trailer says, "Coming This Year." This year is 2013 not 2014....

Avatar image for Breyant

@FFBMason It also says "PEGI 12", not "Rated T for Teen"... that's EU, where it will be releasing this year.

Avatar image for PacoTaco

Oh look, it's up to kids to save the world (again)...

Always excited to see more JRPGs, just hope someday they have more original heroes :)

Avatar image for Jestersmiles

@PacoTaco this a million!!!!

Avatar image for gargungulunk

I was almost looking forward to learning Japanese via a videogame.

SE has still been solid with the DS games, and this seems like a culmination of all that.

Great to hear a definite response about this.
Avatar image for silvergol

Bravely default is so perv.

Avatar image for CraigNinten

@silvergol wat?

Avatar image for silvergol

@CraigNinten @silvergol You didn´t play the game...

Avatar image for Daemoroth

<comment ended up on the wrong article!?>

Avatar image for Nintyfan95

I haven't really been this excited for a JRPG since FF7

Avatar image for silvergol

@Nintyfan95 Strange.... alot of Places of Bravely default looks

Similar or identical To FINAL FANTASY 13.

Avatar image for IPwnNooBs666

This is great news indeed. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy looks like an awesome game and I so can't wait for it to drop!

Avatar image for juboner

every jrpg i have played on 360 or ps3 i have not liked i dont like the enviroments or the art style little kids. the only one i enjoyed was ff with lightning way better than those other ones

most of the enviroments is like a trail thru the woods or grass

Avatar image for SythisTaru

@juboner Have you tried Lost Odyssey?

Avatar image for juboner

@SythisTaru @juboner no is it good

Avatar image for flameon12346

I have no idea what this game is or about but she looks hot. Must buy this game.

Avatar image for CraigNinten

@flameon12346 she's just a pre-teen girl...

Avatar image for HyouVizier

@CraigNinten she's legal, her age is 17

Avatar image for Jebril

@CraigNinten @flameon12346 She certainly isn't dressed like one though, and her body doesn't really give me the 12 year old girl sense.

Avatar image for flameon12346

@Dr-Ivo @Jebril

Well she doesn't look like a little kid. I say she is between 17- 18 years old. Im just guessing.

Avatar image for gargungulunk

@Dr-Ivo @Jebril @CraigNinten @flameon12346

in RPG-years, that ought to make 'er 26. ...with the abilities of a 62 year old witch.

Avatar image for Dr-Ivo

@Jebril @CraigNinten @flameon12346

She's 17. FYI

Avatar image for Faustavus

@CraigNinten @flameon12346 Yes. You're point?

Don't forget she's fictional.

Avatar image for flameon12346


Hahaha I know she fictional. My point is that I need to buy this game, and that she is a hot fictional female character which is normal. Not saying I wish I was can with her, and all that other nonsense.

Avatar image for ggregd

Relentless Firebomb

Configure Banana

Motivation Digestion

Sword Marshmallow Diffusion

Strategy Kobold

There, I just named 5 Japanese video games.

Avatar image for silvergol

@ggregd All those because copyrights? LOL!

Avatar image for Sorciere_basic


Don't forget

Impossible Possibility, and

Royalty Tactics: The Saga of the Red King's Legacy Chronicle

Avatar image for Pete5506

Finally get a date, now only to wait for that date.

That's going to be the hard part

Avatar image for kaiserdisco

literally jumped out of my chair and yelled in excitement after reading about bravely default getting a us release