Brave Exvius And War Of The Visions Team Up For Final Fantasy Universe Collaboration

A new quest, a webcomic, and a free vision card are on offer during this collaboration.


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius are crossing over for a Final Fantasy Exvius Universe collaboration.

Starting yesterday, August 17, and running until September 6, Brave Exvius and its spin-off War of the Visions are once again collaborating to offer players new content, which includes a quest across both games, a story comic, a social media-based community challenge and a free vision card.

The Creeping Malice collaborative quest, taking place in both games, will "grant magnificent rewards to players, depending on their total number of defeats." This quest will see Lasswell from Brave Exvius and Jayden Rundall from War of the Visions coming together to keep the balance of the Farplane intact, where players are tasked with the challenge of defeating the Mindflayer Obscura.

Depending on the number of Mindflayer Obscuras all players manage to defeat in total, different rewards will be available, with better rewards the more that are beaten.

The first volume of the comic that expands the lore from both games is available to read now, which will have a total of three volumes, and is planned to update weekly. Volume two will be available August 24, and volume three will be available on August 31.

Players of both games will also be given a new vision card, called "Friend of Foe," which sees Lasswell and Jayden fighting each other.

To take part in the community challenge, players just need to reach a total of 3000 likes, shares, or retweets on the Facebook and Twitter campaign posts, with Brave Exvius players receiving 750 lapis and a 10 plus one summon ticket, and War of the Visions players receiving 300 visiore, and an MR+ guaranteed 10x summon ticket.

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