Brash sings Chipmunks' tune

Developer bringing rhythm game based on legendary rodent crooners' upcoming film to Wii, DS, PS2, and PC this December.

The kids will definitely dig this new look.
The kids will definitely dig this new look.

While Rock Band and Guitar Hero III have waged their ongoing epic feud, another rhythm game has been quietly in development under most people's radars: Alvin and the Chipmunks. Nearly two months after it was first spotted, the Alvin and the Chipmunks game has been officially unveiled.

While the film won't hit theaters until December 14, kids and nostalgia-seeking adults can check out Alvin and the Chipmunks for the Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, and PC on December 4. As with the film, Alvin and his crew sport a new hip-hop look, and players will be able to control the three in rhythm-based challenges set to more than 40 different songs, including "All the Small Things" by Blink 182, "It's Tricky" by Run-D.M.C., "Heartbreak Hotel" by Elvis Presley, "All Star" by Smashmouth, and "Shiny Happy People" by R.E.M. The game has not yet been rated.

Brash Entertainment will be developing the games. Formed with the express purpose of raising the quality of film-to-movie tie-ins, Brash Entertainment was founded earlier this year by Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull and Internet millionaire Burt Ellis. After securing $400 million in funding in June, the studio revealed it had six projects, including adaptations for Saw and 300, as well as other "children's animated films and action-packed thrillers."

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link654100, I'm pretty sure they deserve it, as Blink 182 making records disgraces all of music, past present and future. Pure garbage.

Avatar image for link654100

i cant believe it....they had to disgrace Blink-182 by putting them on this :/

Avatar image for whacker40

this game is gonna suck, and suck hard at that.

Avatar image for sailor_alphac

Actually, from what I remember, the chipmunks wore as their daily clothes in the 80s cartoon the same clothes they were wearing when they were first created. They really weren't dressed the way kids dressed back then. Even the Chipettes were dressed more like the adult fashion victims of the time, so this new incarnation is not just 'what the kids wear these days', NobodysFool. Besides, what they have Simon wearing has not been a hip-hop fashion since the early 80s, so don't pander to the movie makers and say that's how the kids dress and, therefore, it's acceptable to take another cherished childhood memory and pervert it to make a buck.

Avatar image for playstation_wii

I want the movie!

Avatar image for Sonicgod

They turned the chipmunks into hip hop rappers that is lame, way lame I don't want any part if this. It is worse than what they did to bomberman on bomberman act zero, a lame atempt to make the look cool to young punk kids when they was fine how they are. The chipmunk Adventure Movie is better and renting the DVD of it is cheeper.

Avatar image for Alex4

Hey!! What about the Munchichis! ... Why don't somebody make a movie of those furry critters. It's always the moneymakers! Ahh..... LOL!

Avatar image for kneppi88

OMG. This outta be good.

Avatar image for Aerothorn

Poor R.E.M. The last thing they want is more people remembering them as "those guys who did Shiny Happy People". Le sigh. Also, the chipmunks look so incredibly stupid it's beyond belief.

Avatar image for sieg6529

Hip-hop Chipmunks? Must they continually violate my childhood memories?

Avatar image for ElHypno

I think I need a bucket to puke in.

Avatar image for vashkey

Yup... Hollywood has officialy run out of ideas...

Avatar image for el_chupacabras

So will the game have the Chip-ettes as hidden characters? I am now waiting for them to remake My little pony and Strawberry shortcake as movies. But actually just Mask.

Avatar image for NobodysFool990

Don't be so hard to judge. In the time of the cartoon kids wore that type of clothes. Now a days kids wear this. Do you see kids going around dressed like in the 60's or even 50s? No. They maybe doing that for promotional reasons, you don't know. I'll have to look for myself to see if it sucks or not. And not go be what the poster says.

Avatar image for Rickioh

OMG... looks so lame... i remember the good chipmunks and this dont look anything like that

Avatar image for JediAutobot

Aah my eyes! Transformers was good maybe this will...nah.

Avatar image for Gutspuncher2

wow that movie looks horrible i just want to kill those little chipmunks

Avatar image for Jaysonguy

"Bruce Cambell makes everything better." Amen

Avatar image for enoslives7

oh no, they turned the chipmunks into ****

Avatar image for willripyouanew1

HIP HOP Chipmunks .. LOL, So laaame. and what the hell is Katsup?

Avatar image for SemiMaster

You can't have them fries... without Katsup!" -Mr. T to Theodore. I can't think of anything relevant to say in terms of this news.

Avatar image for carddude

Suckage time!

Avatar image for Cobalt_Strike

Why oh why is Hollywood hell bent on destroying licenses?

Avatar image for StryfeBringer

This is about 20 years too late. Alvin and the Chipmunks are not even remotely close to mainstream characters. It's like making a Simcity game featuring the Smurfs. Oh, and this is further proof that Hollywood is out of ideas.

Avatar image for Poison_Me_Rum

I saw the trailer a couple of days ago, and I just laughed out loud. Of all the cartoons to remake into a film, the Chipmunks were the last thing I thought about! I'm sure I will go and see it for a chuckle or two, just because I used to watch the cheesey cartoon. C-H-I-P-M-U-N-K! We're the Chipmunks! Alvin, Simon, Theodor! Do! Do! Do do do do! :)

Avatar image for DoctorFu

I remember Mallrats. I really hope this game has the real voices at least.

Avatar image for Phazevariance

Well, the trailer looks funny, but that doesnt mean the movie will be good. And lets say it is, that doesnt say the game will be good.

Avatar image for szindragon

I'm calling it right here and now. 40/40 in Famitsu!

Avatar image for Super-Mario-Fan

For those of you complaining about movies based on classic cartoons: GET OVER IT! It's not gonna end anytime soon. Next up is Speed Racer.

Avatar image for dmfreak

this movie will just fail and so as this game for sure.

Avatar image for Words_of_Ivory

Just a quick suggestion to all of the semi-iliterate fanboys out there who like to whine about nothing... you might want to take a look at the *trailer* for the movie (on Youtube or wherever) before your start cutting your wrists over the Chipmunks going all "gangsta".

Avatar image for diablobasher

finch9600: LOL I HATE Harry Potter, but even i can see the books are far superior to the jokes of movies they put out. Even with JK being the terrible hack of a writer she is, i would take the books over the movies every single day.

Avatar image for finch9600

this is what 400 million dollars gets us? ????!!!!?!?!?!?!??! *nervous breakdown* why oh why does hollywood screw EVERYTHING up. what's even better is that they squeeze all the money they can out of it by cranking out terrible awful games aimed for whiny kids who will terrorize the store until their parents buy them their sweet $60 game which will probably make them lose interest in the chipmunks altogether as kids today have ADD when it comes to fads and trends. the only thing hollywood didnt muck up for kids was harry potter. /rant

Avatar image for Lewpy79

Jesus! What's with all the negative comments! I can pretty much guarantee not one of you have seen the film, so why diss it so badly? To be honest the original cartoon was alright, definately not the 80's masterpiece that some of you are trying to suggest. What's wrong with trying to reinvigorate an old cartoon for a new generation? If your that bothered about tainting your precious memories...don't watch it!!

Avatar image for john1912

Saw a preview at the simpsons movie. Was the worst thing/idea Ive ever seen in my life. Feel really bad for Jason Lee, hes pretty funny. Dont get alot of work, guess you take what you can :-/

Avatar image for diablobasher

Jason Lee just lost a lot of respect in my eyes. He also lost the tache ;_;

Avatar image for NeoNavarro

Has the world gone mad?

Avatar image for ScottEFresh

PS. I must of missed when the Chipmunks turned gangsta.

Avatar image for ScottEFresh


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Avatar image for Pete5506

Wow a game

Avatar image for Donkeljohn

Alvin & Chipmunks =/= hip-hop themed characters.

Avatar image for jeff16950_demon

It's official. The world is now coming to an end.

Avatar image for TehEliteElite

-__- What. The. F***

Avatar image for spow

why would chipmunks like hip hop? thats just ridiculous unless its gangsta rap thats self-explanatory

Avatar image for rome_tx

Hollywood destroys yet another classic.

Avatar image for PyroSean30

Yeah... I'm not to fond of the new "CGI" look. I liked the animated one better.

Avatar image for SpareJesus

Ergh. They just had to go and make the characters look 'hip', didn't they? They look like bad rap-stars.

Avatar image for Esteban011487

I would prefer to wacth the cartoons than play the game!.

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