Brash Entertainment in trouble

Game publisher will lay off more than 20, is reportedly looking to ditch rights and unload unfinished games; Superman, Clash of the Titans among projects up in the air.


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It's been a bad year for Brash Entertainment. The upstart publisher has seen its slate of games based on movie and TV properties such as Jumper and Alvin & The Chipmunks stagnate at retail, while losing a cofounder in May and another last month.

Even with that reduced executive headcount, Brash apparently is having trouble making ends meet. Variety is reporting that the company laid off 20 employees this week and is looking to unload games in development to other publishers and return licenses to their rights holders. Although Brash raised $400 million in funding, the Hollywood trade paper reports that Brash has been able to use only part of that money, and now finds itself in a cash crunch.

Despite the hard times, Brash still has games on the way. The publisher said that it was still planning to release Six Flags Fun Park next month, and the game adaptation of the horror film Saw next year.

That leaves a handful of other projects up in the air. According to Variety, the previously teased Factor 5 game the publisher had up its sleeve was based on DC Comics' Superman. Other games reportedly in development include Tale of Desperaux, Prison Break, Night at the Museum 2, Clash of the Titans, and 300.

[UPDATE]: A Brash Entertainment representative confirmed for GameSpot that the company will be laying off "over 20" employees across all departments.

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Saw the Game might be above decent if their not being rushed to release it by...what the sixth movie? They also need to make it not based on a film character and maybe a new or created character trapped in Jigsaw's Gamez.

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yep. i agree in that they should fold. they didn't make any interesting game...i think saw would have at least helped them a little because the movie is very famous so fans would try it...but i think it is a huge posibility that even if they where able to launch saw it would be a very boring game cause i don't see how would they make a saw game

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@EXxile - Brash is a publisher, not a developer. @King Bobo - Jumper was made in 6-months. Making movies based on games is an extremely difficult process because of the timing involved. They realized that they need longer development cycles for these games but it may be too late at this point.

Avatar image for Ripper_TV

BrayneDrayne, didn't even hear about the first one!! Does it exist? P.S. Layoffs suck INDEED!

Avatar image for cooldude03

layoffs suck, at least they have more time to play games.

Avatar image for BrayneDrayne

Night at the Museum 2? jesus christ, and thats what theyre KEEPING.

Avatar image for borgmaster

if a movie tie-in game company falls in the woods will anyone care?

Avatar image for LordDeArnise

Brash should just fold. Simple as that.

Avatar image for danleeah

As long as the Six Flags game comes out this company will be able to pull through. I have been really excited about the release of this game. This game will blow everyone away. Ha Ha just kidding. As for the saw game I don't see how the hell that will work. A 300 game? Ha you know that will suck. Prison break? Don't get me started.

Avatar image for GeigerdolylWodd

Um DeadZone? Superman has already been made before. Not only was there an arcade Superman videogame but there were others made too including the awful one that was made for N64 with the glitches that included one where you mysteriously fell through a floor.

I thought that EA tiberun bought the rights to making Superman. How long do you think it will be before the estate of Superman's creator wants a piece of the proverbial pie? You know they're the reason why the sequel to Bryan Singer's Suprman was put on hold...
Avatar image for DeadZone21

Are you serious? A game based off of Saw? This company is garbage. Why not pick a movie that would actually make a good game? And not something done 100 times, like superman. For example, the Aliens trilogy, that could make a great game. Eh, maybe I just don't like games made for children. Brash, pull your head out of your ***.

Avatar image for RockaWuzHur

Six flags fun park? Alivin and the Chipmunks? This company was bound to fail.

Avatar image for Avenger1324

In the current economic climate initally small bad news has a habit of quickly snow-balling and seeing the whole company collapse. :( Combine that with the fact that games based on films or TV series are usually rubbish - leading to poor sales, and the future looks bleak for Brash

Avatar image for King_Jeremy_77

Hopefully any games they release in the future will actually be good, they need it bad.

Avatar image for Wolfather

Brash fails.

Avatar image for shufflezoom

300 Saw and Superman sounds good . Heck Desperaux sounds promising but why is this only tv and movie properties? is that their thing?

Avatar image for division_9

@Just nonplussed ""and apprently jumper is awful too.. critics giving it 2s and 3s. now we just need superman to dive bomb this company into oblivion and we'll all be happy."" Diving into Oblivions a great thing!. Look at Bethesda and there elder scrolls series!.

Avatar image for thingta42

Cos we all know its better Watching The movies and then buying them on DvD Then to play through 6 hours of crap priced at 40 sheets of paper

Avatar image for magusat999

Ewww - what a game lineup. What idiot investor gave them 400 million dollars? I'm surprised the whole company isn't laid off forever with such whackness spewing forth from it's assembly line. I think I just threw up a little in my throat...

Avatar image for deactivated-59d995040c2ae

Sorry, Brash. We ALL pass on your crappy lemonade.

Avatar image for king_bobo

I have Jumper, and although it has some interesting combat mechanics, it was visually abysmal and was way too short. A SAW game would be cool, so I'm hoping they dn't mess it up. Sadly, I can see SAW being mishmashed into either a survival horror kind of game or a collection of violent minigames and I can only see 300 being turned into a repetitious hack and slash game that feels clunky and poorly executed. Maybe I'm being a bit too pesimistic, but if you tried the game adaptation of 'Jumper', you'd see my point - a lot of potential, but feels extremely rushed and stripped.

Avatar image for TehUndeadHorror

Urgh triple post O_o

Avatar image for just_nonplussed

i mean.... night at the museum 2?? what..

Avatar image for just_nonplussed

and apprently jumper is awful too.. critics giving it 2s and 3s. now we just need superman to dive bomb this company into oblivion and we'll all be happy.

Avatar image for just_nonplussed

oh great. a superman game! that doesn't bode well does it.. and that space chimps game is supposed to be apalling, so i don't really have much sympathy for them. what do they expect? they're making crappy games and getting crappy returns.

Avatar image for zaku101

This is what happens when you make bad games.

Avatar image for Sagacious_Tien

Seems like no matter where you are - less money is available. I hope the guys getting laid off are able to find work soon.

Avatar image for tupac-makaveli

20 people fired is not so bad, other companies are firing by the hundreds, these guys got off easy, or maybe they only had like 40 people working in the first place LOL.

Avatar image for tiusej1

oh no, does this mean we can't expect to see Jumper 2 anytime soon? I guess I'll be getting Left 4 Dead now

Avatar image for nintendoboy16

I've heard pretty horrid things about Brash's games coming from critic and users. Since I don't know 'em that well, I don't really feel sad for them getting into trouble.

Avatar image for -E-N-E-M-Y-

Yeah, I agree with Exxile.

Avatar image for EXxile

Brash is a terrible developer anyways.

Avatar image for Mugen76

As well they should be. They couldn't make a good game if their lives depended on it. Hopefully we'll see one less sh--ty publisher on the market.

Avatar image for daftpunk_mk5

Good, they make terrible games

Avatar image for Zerosumgame

Good, once again survival of the of fittest at work.

Avatar image for Zoomer30

Ok, they are making a game based on Saw, and they wonder why they are going under....hmmmmmmm. Making a game based on one of the dumbest movie franchies of all time.....hmmmmmmm....hmmmmm.

Avatar image for tudyniuz

this should be interesting

Avatar image for gDamascus

I am not disheartened at the loss of a Superman game. Though I like the hero, it has proved practically impossible to make a game for him. There are very few movie-game tie-ins that I have found to be worth the buy, especially now that games run $10 higher than they did five years ago. I would prefer to see the effort put somewhere else.

Avatar image for Gamingcucumber

Making games out of Prison Break and Night at the Museum 2? What where they thinking!?

Avatar image for Negemite

Brash Entertainment is going bankrupt! All we need is to make Data Design Interactive go brankrupt!

Avatar image for polsci1503

they've basically centered the company around making junk despite the high-minded approach they told us they were embarking on when they started. It's as if their business plan was to make all the crappy low quality games and see how much they could make doing it.

Avatar image for Zeus-Guy

If this isn't a sign that developers should not make video games based on movie and TV properties, I don't know what is.

Avatar image for stziggy

I don't have an MBA, but I know a game company based on movie licenses is bound to fail.

Avatar image for blackace

The only game out of all those games that might even have a chance at sales is Tale of Desperaux. All the rest of those games are going to suck. The reason they are having problems is because they are making CRAPPY GAMES that no one wants to play. "Six Flag Fun Park"?!? Who the hell wants to play that? I'd rather go to Six Flags in person. I don't see this company lasting for another year. Not with those type of games being released.

Avatar image for Gretzky1106

The Tale of Despreaux: The Game from Brash might be pretty decent.

Avatar image for TWiSTEDmerc

I'm interested but completely unsure about the SAW game, see when BRASH opened up, just a couple of months later, at least 6 Wii junkers hit the market. Total HOR$E$H!T waiting for us in those giant bins only at WALMART. Thanks partially to this company (as well as DATA DESIGN INTERACTIVE, and CONSPIRACEY ENT). I laughed my A$$ off at them (go check out IGN reviews, they did a bunch of them). I don't think people will need to learn their lesson twice, just look at these up in air projects, some might pick the up but THQ, MIDWAY, and ATARI have already learned their lesson the hard way. BRASH sunk its own ship. Lesson: BAD GAMES DON'T SELL!!!

Avatar image for skwrlX

I hate it when developers make really crappy games and make a ton of money for it, so it's nice to see developers not making ANY money.

Avatar image for Birdman1333

They waisted a ton of venture capital on stupid titles that we all know won't turn a profit.

Avatar image for kitty

Well with the games they are making, I coud foresee this happening. Games based off of movies rarely sell very well.

Avatar image for foxfire0666

who could have seen this coming

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