Brand New Street Fighter 5 Character Necalli Revealed

Necalli and his crazy hair to debut in Street Fighter V.


Capcom has revealed a brand new character who will join the cast of upcoming fighting game Street Fighter V. The character is named Necalli and was revealed with a trailer shown during the competitive gaming event Evolution Championship Series, which took place over the weekend.

Necalli's fighting style includes attacks which have him pounding the ground, slashing at enemies, and a V-Trigger move which transforms his appearance dramatically. His V-Trigger turns his long hair a gravity-defying bright red--check out the video below to see how it works.

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Prior to the announcement, the most recently confirmed character to be joining the roster in Street Fighter V was none other than the classic Ken Masters. To see every character who has been confirmed to be playable in the game so far, check out our gallery.

Capcom recently detailed the upcoming Street Fighter V beta, which is set to begin on July 23 at 6 PM PT on PlayStation 4. The beta will have a total of six characters to play, but will launch initially with four, with Cammy and Birdie joining later. The company has also confirmed that players will be able to earn all Street Fighter V downloadable content for free by playing the game. Alternatively, players will still have the option to pay to unlock DLC.

Street Fighter V launches in March 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC. Check out the image gallery below for more screenshots of Necalli.

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Avatar image for xStarScream86x

I have to remind myself that the majority of gamers are ignorant to history and culture. They also only relate things to stuff they know.. For instance saying Necalli, an Aztec word for war, warrior, god of war.. is associated with other things but Aztec is absurd! Good job gamers.. You prove your ignorance once again toward Mayan/Aztec history and culture.

Avatar image for phoenixbradley7

Can get all dlc in game? My bet is they make unlock requirements so insane, you're forced to buy it if you want it...

Avatar image for grimtripp

In b4 fat people redraw him as an "Average American" and put cheese burgers in each hand.

Avatar image for 1nUrF4c3

Can't wait!!!

Avatar image for Stogin

This guy looks awesome, definitely looking forward to trying him out!

Avatar image for virtuasega

Beta starts his week, gotta go pre order I guess.

Avatar image for ejmyers

The demon of elru

Avatar image for kalpesh_78

Gamespot... you have the worst Video Player. Ever.

Avatar image for lorider25

why is he so white if he's like mexican and also looks like he lives in the amazon/tropics?

Avatar image for deactivated-58ce94803a170

@lorider25: He is like Tarzan, he got lost from a traveling family who had to hurry and escape from the drug cartels. He was found by animals and raised to erase those same drug cartels who are destroying the animals land by growing too much drugs. His name means battle, and to the death he must to avenge his fallen animals.

He also falls in love with a foreign lady who just so happens to be his long lost family member. Can he hold back the animal inside long enough to find the truth?

to be continued...

Avatar image for the_pun_master

The fact that nobody is mention Gill shows that these comments are filled with noobs.

Avatar image for ShuyinVsTidus

Yoooooo! The fifth pillar man from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. LET'S GO!

Avatar image for psx_warrior

Geez, this has gotta be what Broly looks like as SSJ4. Just without the fur, cause Broly don't do fur.

Avatar image for razor_rj

So basically wolverine meets ryu......and werent the character style based on real martian arts......what style is that ?

Avatar image for tikon

Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living???

Avatar image for RustedTruck650

This must be a boss character-It looks pretty baddass actually. As long as Rufus doesn't make it to SF5 then i'm good.

Avatar image for soulessblade

@RustedTruck650: What's wrong with Rufus? He kicks serious bum.

Avatar image for Hence031

The hyper mode looks sick. Reminds me of gill, the way the hair flows. Even how he looks a lil. Seems like a nice addition.

Avatar image for YamaBushi13

I wonder if this character is related to Gill in anyway... like Gill got amnesia and had to raise himself in the wilderness after Akuma used the ragin-demon on him.... MWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAAAA.

Avatar image for devak108

I was like "hmm he looks cool I guess"

Then dat Super Saiyan God mode at 0:42.... O-O holy f***!!!

Avatar image for Hobbit25

Geez, I hope Clay Matthews is collecting his royalties on this....

Avatar image for AzatiS

Kratos had sex with Son Goku ... and the result is this !

Avatar image for HBninjaX

are you feeling it now, Mr Krabs?

Avatar image for nights_team2k7

he wants to kill Gouki/Akuma

Avatar image for Orgodemir

His moveset is pretty vicious.

Avatar image for shinspikes

It looks like this guy had a baby with Seth, so they made Gill. But, which one pooped him out?

Avatar image for lomar07

He went Super saiyan 100.

Avatar image for streamline

@lomar07: I thought it DB, too, when I saw the hair.

Avatar image for psx_warrior

@streamline: LOL me too I was thinking SSJ4 Broly.

Avatar image for ShockG707

Maybe he is an islander/Polynesian style fighter because of the dance like stomp?

Avatar image for Henninger

He looks cool when he's powered up & glowing red.

Avatar image for berzerk0912

Goku + Blanka + Akuma + Naruto = Necalli

Avatar image for tsunami2311

blanka and zangif=Necalli ?

Avatar image for nini200

So basically a Male version of Rila from Breakers. Even the hair and feral/claw fighting style. Good. I like the character. He also has a Berserker Barrage super. - Rila from Breakers

Avatar image for kinguprima

a mix between blanka and the pillar men from jojo's bizarre adventure

Avatar image for YamaBushi13

Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm So many thoughts...

What Blanka would look like in Human Form and without his electric like powers.

Yujiro Hanma

Sabretooth and Wolverine combined + funnily able to claw his way to victory with his super but with no apparent claws LOL.

Why has Ken stolen Omega Rugal (Bernstein) clothes from King of Fighters '98? LMAO

*I hate it when they introduce new characters with poor story lines (for example Hakan in SSF4), so I pray they have a good reason for this guy to be in SFV*

Avatar image for virtuasega

@YamaBushi13: I don't give a flying shot about storylines in fighting games, as long as he's a bad ass I'm happy.

Avatar image for nini200

@YamaBushi13: He'd look like Charlie/Nash since that's who Blanka is in human form

Avatar image for deactivated-58d01419269d7

@nini200: Quit saying that. No he's not. That stupid movie and cartoon are not canon to the games.

Avatar image for nini200

@Yishaijah said:

@nini200: Quit saying that. No he's not. That stupid movie and cartoon are not canon to the games.

I just read his story again and it seems as if you're correct and that Capcom F'ed up the story a bunch

Avatar image for Janpieterzun

Soooo wolverine from mvc reskinned into that---andro---no thanks

Avatar image for Liquid_

I just think of Akuma and Blanka

Avatar image for the_dude526

This game promotes unrealistic body images. I'll never have that kind of chest, now I'm triggered so bad.


Avatar image for psx_warrior

Ladies and gents, I give you Super Saiyan 4 Broly.

Avatar image for 360ru13r

@psx_warrior: lol welp

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

Looks great; definitely an excellent addition to the SF roster.

Still crossing my fingers that Juri makes it in.

Avatar image for davillain-

Akuma meets Blanka meets Crimson Viper meets Nine Tailed Fox.