Brand-New Final Fantasy Game Out Now for Free on Mobile

Mobius Final Fantasy features a story done by Final Fantasy 7 and 10 writer Kazushige Nojima.


Mobius Final Fantasy is out now on iOS and Android devices. Mobius isn't like other mobile Final Fantasy games, in that it features a brand new story penned by Kazushige Nojima, the writer behind Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X.

Mobius Final Fantasy's story synopsis makes it sound like a pretty standard JRPG adventure full of prophecies and chosen ones. I'm guessing you'll end up saving the world at some point.

"Despair has cast a long, dark shadow across this land," the synopsis reads. "The winds have stopped, the seas churn, and the earth rots. The people await for a hero to appear--the hero foretold in an ancient prophecy: 'When darkness shrouds the land, the Warrior of Light will come. Hope rides in his wake.' After a long journey across the Ether, castaways without pasts appear on the shores of Palamecia. One of them is destined to become the warrior of legend. You stand among them. Are you the hero whom the prophecy foretells?"

GameSpot's Alexa Ray Corriea took a look at Mobius Final Fantasy and found that even though the graphics were impressive, the rest of the game was "lacking."

"After spending several hours with Mobius Final Fantasy, the incentive to return to its world is moderately low," she said. You can read her full preview here.

Brave Exvius is another mobile Final Fantasy game that released recently. It features dungeon crawling, teaming up with Final Fantasy heroes, and tap-based combat.

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