Brain-controlled game hits Kickstarter goal

DigiPen graduate Lat Ware exceeds $40,000 target with under two days for "Throw Trucks With Your Mind!"


Throw Trucks With Your Mind

A Kickstarter campaign for a game played using brain waves has surpassed its funding target. With under two days to go, Lat Ware's campaign for "Throw Trucks With Your Mind" crossed its $40,000 funding target, now standing at $42,158 from over 500 backers.

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Throw Trucks With Your Mind is a multiplayer-focused game that uses NeuroSky's MindWave headset peripheral to read a player's electrical brain activity. This is then translated to actions on screen. Players will harness the energy of their brain waves to throw objects and manipulate the environment around them to attack other combatants.

The game will run on Windows XP and Mac OS X10.6.x and up. Ware said he would "love" to get the game on consoles, but he does not have the resources to overcome that "engineering hurdle." Up to 32 players can take part in Throw Trucks With Your Mind matches.

Ware is a graduate of the DigiPen Institute of Technology and has worked on games like Champions Online, Star Trek Online, and All Points Bulletin. He is hoping to have the game available to backers by March 2014.

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