Brain Age coming to 3DS

Nintendo reveals first franchise entry in over four years due out for portable beginning this summer in Japan; will focus on concentration and working memory skills.


It has been more than four years since the last Brain Age game hit store shelves, but today, Nintendo revealed during a Nintendo Direct video presentation that a new title in the series is in development for the 3DS.

The demonized Dr. Kawashima in the new Brain Age game for the 3DS.
The demonized Dr. Kawashima in the new Brain Age game for the 3DS.

Company president Satoru Iwata announced today that three years ago, Japanese professor Dr. Kawashima--whose research was the basis for the original Brain Age games--came to the executive with a new method of brain training aimed at combating "information addiction."

"Since we now rely so much on [various electronic devices], we might have stopped using our brains so much, or lost our restraint, our ability to control ourselves and be patient," Iwata said, explaining Dr. Kawashima's vision.

While included in past Brain Age games, concentration and working memory skills will be stressed in the new game. According to Iwata, the design of the new Brain Age game is best suited for those seeking to keep their brains young, and for those who need help concentrating while studying.

The new Brain Age title for the 3DS will also include Oni-Tore lessons, during which the onscreen face of Dr. Kawashima will morph into a demon (pictured above). Brain Age for the 3DS is due out this summer in Japan. Nintendo did not provide a release window outside of the island nation for the game.

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