Braid creator bears The Witness

Jonathan Blow slightly parts curtain on new exploration-puzzle game, due for multiple platforms in late 2011.


The Witness

Hothead Games may not have been ready to announce Braid for the PlayStation Network, but it did so anyway yesterday after a listing for the game turned up in Germany's online software rating database. Likewise, Braid creator Jonathan Blow isn't quite ready to announce plans for his next game, but he is offering a small teaser by opening up the project's Web site.

Braid had its own striking visuals.
Braid had its own striking visuals.

Blow expects his next project, The Witness, to be available for multiple, unspecified platforms in late 2011. The teaser site for The Witness indicates that the game will share Braid's philosophical bent. Upon entering the site, users are greeted with the following message:

"Something amorphous and consummate
existed before Heaven and Earth.
Solitude! Vast!
Standing alone, unfaltering.
Going everywhere, yet unthreatened.
It can be considered the Mother of the World.
I don't know its name, so I designate it, 'Tao.'
Compelled to consider it, name it 'the Great.'"

Blow further notes in a post to Braid's official site that the game will be "an exploration-puzzle game on an uninhabited island." Belying the black-and-white aesthetic of the teaser site, the game will also apparently be "very visual," with Blow promising to post additional art once it is in tune with the final game.

Check out GameSpot's review of Braid for more on the acclaimed puzzle-platformer.

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