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Boyfriend Dungeon Lets You Date Your Weapons Between Dungeon Crawls

Developing a relationship with your weapons makes them stronger for your dungeon dives in Boyfriend Dungeon.


Sometimes, you get really attached to your weapons in a game--after all, you and your particularly cool swords or guns go through a lot together as you carve a path through your enemies. Boyfriend Dungeon, shown off during The Guerrilla Collective indie games showcase, takes the concept of really liking your dungeon-crawling equipment a step further, with a dating simulator that lets you spend time with personified versions of your weapons to level them up and make them more powerful.

Boyfriend Dungeon is part-isometric RPG, part-dating simulator. You'll delve into a dungeon, trying to get as far as you can as you hack and slash your way through enemies for money. Though you'll die along the way, you'll also level up and retain experience to help you get further on your next try. But the real way you gain power is by going on dates. The weapons you find in the "dunj" transform into men, women, and non-binary people, so when you're not using them to slay various strange monsters, you can grow your romantic relationships with them. The more you develop your relationship with your weapons, the stronger they become.

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You'll alternate between hanging out with your weapons around the town of Verona Beach, before delving back into the dungeon for more fighting. As you spend more time hanging out with your weapons, you'll unlock new combat abilities for use in the dungeon, and each weapon has "different upgrades to find and choices to make along the way." You'll also have to figure out each weapon's preferences for dates, gifts, and other interactions.

It's not all fun dates and slashing monsters, though. As the trailer notes, "There's someone out there kidnapping weapons." Boyfriend Dungeon doesn't have a set release date, although it's "getting closer" to finished. The game will be available on PC through Steam and Nintendo Switch when it's eventually available.

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