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Boyfriend Dungeon Free Update Adds New Romance Options, Villain By Former Ghostwire: Tokyo Director

Boyfriend Dungeon's newest villain was created by Ikumi Nakamura and features the voice acting talents of popular streamer Loserfruit.


If 2021's Boyfriend Dungeon left you wanting even more boyfriends and dungeons, developer Kitfox has you covered. As part of today's Future of Play Direct, Kitfox has announced two new romance options and a sinister new villain are coming to the game. And, best of all, all these new additions will be free.

The Secret Weapons update is scheduled to hit Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC later this summer and will allow players to befriend and romance Leah the Hammer and Jonah the Axe. While both these characters made brief cameos in the main game, they were previously unromanceable. Now, you'll be able to talk up the passionate Leah and wine and dine gourmet chef Jonah.

In addition, the update adds a new villain: Dr. Holmes the whip. If that doesn't sound intense enough already, the fierce fatale behind the game's newest dungeon was designed by Unseen Inc. CEO and creative director Ikumi Nakamura. While Unseen Inc. is a new venture for the director, you might know Nakamura from her previous work on The Evil Within series and Ghostwire: Tokyo.

"Designing Dr. Holmes was an exciting job for me," Nakamura said in the official Secret Weapons update press release. "It is truly an honor to be involved in indie development like this, and it is often exciting and educational to work and talk with the creators. We hope you all enjoy the new downloadable content."

Last but certainly not least, Kitfox has confirmed Dr. Holmes will be voiced by popular content creator and streamer Kathleen 'Loserfruit' Belsten. If the dark and demented character piques your interest, you can even try your hand at dating them--though apparently they aren't too fond of weapon wielders.

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