BoxBoy + BoxGirl Demo Available On Nintendo Switch

It's hip to be square.


Boxing Day is coming. The puzzle game BoxBoy is hitting Nintendo Switch this week, with a newly cooperative adventure called BoxBoy + BoxGirl. If you're new or just want to brush up on your boxing skills before the release, you can now try a demo for the game.

The demo includes both single- and multiplayer modes, showing you the ropes of the game mechanics and a handful of early puzzles. The "Tale for Two" multiplayer mode is recommended for two players, but you can take on the challenges solo if you wish by swapping back and forth between Qbby and Qucy.

BoxBoy + BoxGirl also introduces another new playable character, Qudy. The rectangular hero creates boxes that are extra-long or tall, which adds a new layer of complexity to the challenges. As usual, efficient puzzle solving will earn you medals you can use to unlock outfits, items, and accessories. The game also introduces a new timed balloon challenge mode.

BoxBoy was first introduced in 2015 by HAL Laboratories on the Nintendo 3DS. It was designed to look simple and monochromatic, similar to a Game Boy game. This is the series' first entry on the Nintendo Switch, and the first time the cast of characters has come into their own as playable. It will be available on April 26 for $10.

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