Bourne 5 Star Alicia Vikander on her "Action-Driven" Role

Bourne To Run.


Given it is only six months from release, we know very little about the upcoming fifth Jason Bourne movie. It doesn't even have a title yet. However, Matt Damon's co-star, Oscar-nominated Alicia Vikander, has spoken a little about her role in the action sequel.

Speaking to The Wrap, Vikander said: "I'm not doing the conventional action but I'm very action-driven in this film. But it's not in the way most people would think."

Vikander also spoke about the huge difference in moving from smaller dramas like her current film The Danish Girl to the big-budget spectacle of the Bourne series. "I came from Sweden where it's like 30, 40 people, and here on The Danish Girl, doing a British film, it's 100," she said. "Then you end up on these sets, and I know on Monday or Tuesday we're going to have 1,600 extras just in one scene."

The film is currently filming in Las Vegas. According to an interview that Damon gave to Variety last month, these scenes will be part of movie's later sections and will feature a "big car chase on the strip."

In the interview Damon also spoke about his decision to return to the Bourne franchise after nearly a decade away. "I wasn't sure [about making more movies]," he said. "I hoped I wasn't because I really liked the franchise and the character but I didn't see a way to go [forward]. But I wasn't giving up on the idea of doing it. Paul [Greengrass, director] and I kind of talked years ago about perhaps the way forward was just to let time pass and allow the world to change a little."

Bourne 5 is scheduled for release on July 29, 2016. It also stars Vincent Cassell, Julia Stiles, and Tommy Lee Jones.

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