Both Darksiders 3 DLCs Revealed Ahead Of Game's Release

New enemies and puzzles.

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THQ Nordic has announced more details regarding the post-launch DLC plans for Darksiders 3. The expansions will add puzzles, items, and enemies to the game, which can be found in two new areas. THQ has not revealed exactly when either DLC will launch.

The first DLC is called The Crucible, which adds a horde mode to Darksiders 3. Completing each wave will let you earn new rewards and items to help you in Fury's main quest. The second DLC, titled Keepers of the Void, has Fury journey to the Serpent Holes to deal with an ancient threat. The series The Legend of Zelda-like puzzles will be the main focus of this expansion, but there will also be new types of enemies for Fury to fight as well. Beating Keepers of the Void nets you The Abyssal Armor.

Darksiders 3 continues the series' story of the four horsemen of the apocolypse and focuses on Fury, the third horsemen and sister to War and Death. Fury is the most powerful of her siblings and leader of the horsemen, possessing the magical abilities of a mage. As a result, Fury can change her form at will, allowing her to wield different types of weapons and attack with a wide range of spells. Her Flame Hollow form, for example, lets her use speedy nunchucks and fly through the air as a fireball, while her Force Hollow form gives her the strength to handle a heavy hammer and walk on walls.

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Darksiders 3 releases on November 27 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The game has special Deluxe, Blades & Whip, Collector's, and Apocalypse editions. Darksiders 3's DLC comes included in the Blades & Whip, Collector's, and Apocalypse editions. Pre-ordering Darksiders 3 gives you access to an exclusive armor set.

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