Boston Dynamics' Creepy Robots Are At It Again

Boston Dynamics showcases how intelligent its robots are in its latest Twitter video.


Boston Dynamics, the company behind all the terrifying yet impressive robot videos, is at it again. This time, the company shows it's off a human-like robot solving another maze while delivering tools.

As seen in a video posted on Twitter, the video showcases what they can do. It starts with a fake construction worker claiming to forget their tools, and shortly after, the worker pulls out a tablet to summon the robot to bring them the tools. But instead of simply handing the worker their tools, the human-like robot solves a puzzle to get to them. The puzzle resembles what players would see in The Last of Us, with planks/blocks needed to get from A to B. By the end of the video, the robot can be seen doing a flip and celebrating because it has completed its task.

This isn't Boston Dynamics that has gone viral before. Back in 2017, the company became more well-known because of the Netflix series Black Mirror episode titled "Metalheads." This episode follows a young woman running from robotic killer dogs that heavily resemble those made by Boston Dynamics. It was then revealed that Boston Dynamics inspired the killer robot dogs. The company was also an inspiration for one of the major factions in the TV series Fringe, in which many of the story universe's strange happenings seem to originate from the ficitonal Boston-based company Massive Dynamic.

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