Boss Tips For Hearthstone's Frozen Throne Expansion Second Wing

Blizzard's devs provide a few key tips for taking down Sindragosa, Blood-Queen Lana’thel, Professor Putricide.


Hearthstone's latest expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, is available now, but the accompanying single-player content is still rolling out in weekly waves. Week Two opens the frosty Upper Reaches, and adventurers who make it through all three battles will unlock another free Frozen Throne card pack.

In addition to some key art from the expansion, lead mission designer Dave Kosak passed along some notes for taking on the three new bosses.

Blood-Queen Lana’thel

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Dave Kosak’s advice:

Echoing the mechanics of the World of Warcraft encounter, Lana’thel bites your hero at the beginning of the mission, replacing your Hero Power with “Vampiric Bite.” You have to bite a minion every turn, giving them +3 attack. If you run out of minions , Lana’thel has a few she’s more than willing to offer up as a snack. The challenge of this encounter is to keep enough minions on the board so you always have targets to bite.

Be careful! Lana’thel has spells of her own to remove minions from your hand.

Professor Putricide

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Dave Kosak advice:

Throughout the fight, Professor Putricide’s Hero Power, “Mad Science,” will get even madder. First, all Secrets will cost zero, then all weapons will cost one. In phase three, he’ll set the cost of everything to five mana. In addition, he summons Rotface and Festergut to the fight. Crazy stuff!

Having lots of weapons and Secrets to play is important, as well as having card draw available to take advantage of the cost reduction, but there are plenty of creative ways to defeat Professor Patricide. The craziness of having all those free cards in hand will challenge even the best players in one of our most difficult encounters.


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Dave Kosak’s advice:

At the start of this fight, players will have four frozen minions on the board. At regular intervals Sindragosa will use her Hero Power, “Frost Breath,” to permanently freeze all enemy minions.

In WoW, players had to use their frozen allies as cover, then break them out of the ice. In Hearthstone, there’s no rescuing frozen allies, providing an intensely tactical encounter where every minion counts! Players who find ways to sacrifice their own minions and carefully time Sindragosa’s Frost Breath can keep enough slots available to finish the encounter before their entire board is filled with useless blocks of ice.

The games first wing is available now (and you can read Dave's tips for fighting your way through here), and the final wing is set to unlock on August 24 at 10AM PT. If you want to check out all 135 cards available in the new expansion, you can see them listed out here.

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