Boss Battle Bonanza - DmC: Devil May Cry

Those pesky DmC bosses giving you trouble? GameSpot is on hand with some tips to help you slay those dastardly demons.


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Boss battles. Love them or loathe them, they're a regular occurrence in demon hunter Dante's latest outing. DmC: Devil May Cry offeres up bouts with bosses as varied as they are hideous; pitting the player against knife wielding hunter demons, a foul-mouthed succubus, and even the grotesque spawn of an unholily union between two abominations. Delightful.

Some of these battles can prove challenging, especially on higher difficulty levels. So to lend a helping hand we've put together some useful videos for anyone tired of being mauled by Mundas Spawn, savaged by The Succubus, or brutalised by Bob Barbas.

Manic Mundas

You Suck-ubus

Anchor Man-iac

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