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Borderlands Science, A Puzzle Game With Real-World Benefits, Launches Inside Borderlands 3

A new in-game arcade machine in Borderlands 3 has a practical, real-world benefit for scientists--here's how to access it and how it helps.


Borderlands 3 has added a new arcade machine to Sanctuary III, and playing it has benefits to the world of science. In the corner of Doctor Tannis' infirmary, you'll find Borderlands Science, a game designed to help real-world scientists organize data.

Borderlands Science, introduced in the trailer below, is a block-shifting puzzle game that involves mapping and comparing microbes, a task that even the most complex supercomputer is not as good at as human players. Completing these puzzles will earn you in-game currency, and you can continue playing each puzzle for a high score after it is finished.

The puzzle game was developed in conjunction with McGill University, Massively Multiplayer Online Science, and The Microsetta Initiative.

The benefits of this game are shown off in the video below, hosted by PhD scientist and actor Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory). As she explains, the Microseta Initiative has collected microbes from human feces, which is what players will be organizing.

Playing this game will help the scientists spot computer errors in their sequences, helping scientists compare the data and learn more about the human gut, and the data will ultimately be used to combat various diseases. It looks like good fun, alongside all the benefits to the science community it offers.

Borderlands 3 recently explained with the Guns, Love, And Tentacles DLC, which increased the game's level cap. It's available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia.

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