Borderlands Movie Will "Probably be Rated R," Gearbox President Says

Too badass for PG-13.


After Gearbox announced the upcoming Borderlands movie today, president Randy Pitchford discussed the studio's partnership with Lionsgate, as well as the film's likely rating.

"Lionsgate really seems to get Borderlands," Pitchford said during a panel at PAX 2015 in Seattle. "And we're giving a mission to them, to make the first good movie based on a video game. And knowing Borderlands, it's probably going to be rated R."

President of games for Lionsgate Peter Levin said the studio is making concerted efforts to stay true to the Borderlands "in-your-face" attitude, and to make good use of the Borderlands property Pitchford and Gearbox "graciously shared."

"We're so humbled to be able to work with Borderlands," Levin said during the PAX Prime panel. "It's an important property, and we're going to make sure we carry through."

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Recent video game adaptation Hitman was one of the worst reviewed game films ever, and earlier this year, a director known for his game movies took to the internet to rant and insult his fans.

Gearbox and Lionsgate have yet to confirm any cast members for the Borderlands movie. But for more news regarding Gearbox and any of its properties coming out of PAX 2015, stay tuned to GameSpot throughout the week.

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