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Borderlands 4 Might Not Be Announced At SGF After All

"I made a mistake and apologize."


[UPDATE] The writer of the story, Kurakasis, has walked back some of their reporting on Borderlands 4. The report now says it's no longer a given that Borderlands 4 will be announced at Summer Game Fest.

"I wasn't able to verify this information to a satisfactory degree but still requested its publication. The information I received this week may suggest that Borderlands 4 could be announced soon, but I'm not sure anymore if it will happen at SGF," they said. "I made a mistake and apologize to @XputerE, which trusted me based on the accuracy of my previous 'leaks', to eXputer's readers, and to everyone who came across this news. I believe it was important to clarify the situation ahead of time so readers are not misled."

The original story is below.

The next entry in the Borderlands series is reportedly being revealed soon.

According to eXputer, 2K is set to reveal Borderlands 4 at Summer Game Fest on June 7. There's also a possibility that it could be announced before the show, followed by a more in-depth look at the showcase, but it hasn't been confirmed.

Earlier this month, 2K announced that it would be unveiling the "next iteration of a 2K Games franchise," and fans speculated that it would be Borderlands 4. There have been several rumors that the game has been in development for a while.

Borderlands 4 and Tiny Tina's Wonderland 2 leaked late last year through a game developer's LinkedIn profile. A voice actor also placed Borderlands 4 on their resume, but Gearbox clarified that it was a misunderstanding.

There's also a Borderlands movie currently in the works that's slated to release in August, and timing both the movie and game series close to each other is a common strategy for brand awareness.

Earlier this year, Gearbox was acquired by 2K's parent company, Take-Two Interactive. Gearbox was previously under ownership of Embracer Group, which has since been downsizing and cutting games after its reported failed deal with a Saudi investment fund.

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