Borderlands 3's Science Mini-Game Is Permanent, Might Come To Mobile

The block-shifting puzzle game is designed to help scientists organize data.


Last week, Gearbox introduced a mini-game to Borderlands 3 called Borderlands Science, a block-matching puzzler similar to Bejeweled or Puyo Puyo that allows players to compare microbes. According to Gearbox and the project's co-developers, since even supercomputers can't effectively compare these microbes to each other as well as a human, players are advancing the cause of science by simply spending time with the game.

Since then, Gearbox has posted a blog that answers some of the questions that players have been asking about the mini-game, which was developed in conjunction with McGill University, Massively Multiplayer Online Science, and The Microsetta Initiative. For one, the developer has now confirmed that the mode is a permanent addition to Borderlands 3, rather than a limited-time mode. Gearbox also says that it's "looking into" introducing the mode to mobile devices, since many players have specifically requested that.

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In other Gearbox news, Borderlands 3 recently released its new DLC, titled Guns, Love, and Tentacles in late March. It increased the game's level cap, added new legendary weapons, and a whole raft of cosmetics. The game also released some patch notes this week.

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