Borderlands 3's Next Event Starts Today, Rewards Twitch Viewing

The preamble to next week's Spooky Surprise.


The newest event in Borderlands 3's anniversary celebration has kicked off, offering two paths to claim some extra rewards. This fourth week of the celebration is called "Mayhem on Twitch," and as you might expect, that means you can snag goodies through Mayhem Mode, or by using the game's Twitch extension.

The update has gone live through a micropatch, so you'll need to head back to the main menu for a moment to verify before moving on. Once you've secured it, you'll get an increased chance for Anointed gear in Mayhem Mode, along with extra XP gains and reduced values for penalty modifiers. Mayhem Mode is the post-game content that unlocks once you've finished the story campaign, which gives you access to better loot and harder difficulty mods.

You can also rack up some rewards through watching other people play Borderlands. The EchoCast Twitch extension has been tweaked to accelerate voting periods during Badass Viewer Events, marking a permanent change. On top of that, Rare Chest Events will have a 100% win rate for the event period rather than the usual 25% chance. To enable the EchoCast extension, you'll have to link your Shift and Twitch accounts using the Shift profile page.

This event will last through October 29, and marks the penultimate part of the anniversary celebration. The final part will be a "Spooky Surprise" starting on October 29, and whatever that surprise is, it's apparently separate from the Bloody Harvest event that starts later this week.

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