Borderlands 3's June Expansion DLC Is Bounty Of Blood: A Fistful Of Redemption

Gearbox gave the first details on the next Borderlands 3 DLC, a western-themed expansion starring an unseen narrator.


Borderland 3 developer Gearbox has unveiled the next DLC for the game, a "harsh" revenge tale called Bounty of Blood: A Fistful of Redemption. It's a western-themed expansion that pits you against a bloodthirsty gang called the Devil Riders. Bounty of Blood will be released on June 25, and Gearbox also offered a slight taste of what to expect after that. It will feature one of the game's most iconic enemy types.

During the Borderlands Show broadcast, DLC director Matt Cox called it a "harsh story of revenge and redemption" and teased an unseen narrator, who is said to be a new character. In fact, Bounty of Blood stars a new cast of characters, like the reformed brawler, Juno, and your guide, Rose. And no western epic would be complete without a steed, so you'll get to ride a Jet Beast mount.

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The main town Vestige, located on the frontier planet Gehenna, will change based on your actions in the DLC, like storefronts reopening and the theater showing lost film reels. NPCs themselves will change based on your choices in side-missions as well.

Cox also teased the eventual fourth DLC with an image showing a Psycho surrounded by plenty of havoc.

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The Borderlands Show stream also announced the Revenge of the Cartels live event will end on June 4, and be replaced on the same day with the next one, Takedown of the Guardian Breach. Meanwhile, the game just received a new hotfix that will start to wrap up the Loot the Universe event.

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