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Borderlands 3's Epic Exclusivity Ends Soon, Releases On Steam In March

You'll be able to play Borderlands 3 on Steam in just a couple weeks, complete with Epic cross-play.


Borderlands 3 has been one of the most high-profile games to forgo a Steam release in favor of Epic Games Store exclusivity, but that will soon come to an end. As part of a PAX East panel, developer Gearbox announced that Borderlands 3 has a Steam release date: It launches on March 13. [Update: Borderlands 3 is out now on Steam.]

The Steam store page is now available and you can add the shooter to your wishlist, although pre-orders aren't yet available. While cross-play with the PS4 and Xbox One versions will not be available, cross-play is supported across both PC versions, letting Epic and Steam players join together for online multiplayer.

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Borderlands 3 originally released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 13, 2019. That means this Steam release arrives exactly six months later; we had previously heard it would come no sooner than April. Also as part of the PAX happenings, Gearbox unveiled Borderlands 3's new DLC. You can check out a trailer for it above.

Despite complaints from some fans, as has been commonplace with Epic-exclusive releases, Borderlands 3 was quite successful on Epic. On launch day, Randy Pitchford shared that the game was beating expectations at launch and that it had roughly doubled the all-time concurrent players record for Borderlands 2 on PC. Across all platforms, it quickly became 2K's fastest-selling game ever.

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