Borderlands 3 Update Will Readjust Legendary Drops, Increase Eridium Rewards

The new hotfix for Borderlands 3, set to go live today, will stop giving you so many sniper rifles and make it much easier to farm end-game Eridium rewards.


Gearbox has issued a Borderlands 3 patch that adjusts some drop rates based on community feedback and increases Eridium rewards, among other changes. The hotfix will go live today, April 22, by 12 PM PT.

According to the notes on the official site, these changes will help course-correct after Gearbox reduced world drops in an update on April 8. The new drop rates for Legendary weapons will mean you'll no longer be awash with too many sniper rifles, which had been appearing at disproportionately high rates. Completing a Trial with the fastest time will also guarantee you all of its Legendary rewards, aside from any cosmetic variants.

After the patch is applied, you'll be able to locate dedicated sources for more gear including Flama Diddle, Insider, Seeryul Killer, Oldridian, Torch and Old God shields, and all Class Mods.

Finally, the patch will adjust Eridium rewards, as Gearbox says it agrees with the community that those have been too low. The Vault Card chest reward will be increased to 500 Eridium, and Slaughter bosses will drop an extra 500 Eridium. The notes also mention a reminder that Maurice's Black Market Vending Machine will change locations when the patch goes live.

Borderlands 3 April 22 Update

  • Updated the Tobaggan Legendary Artifact to give the intended slide bonus
  • Updated the item card on the Siren’s Death's Blessings class mod to accurately represent the bonus
  • Assigned dedicated sources for various Guns, Love, and Tentacles gear within that DLC
  • Rebalanced the drop weights for Legendary weapons
  • Increased the amount of loot that drops from all bosses
  • Increased the chance for Class Mods and Artifacts to drop from bosses in the base game and in add-on content
  • Increased the chance for Class Mods and Artifacts to drop in Proving Ground Trials chests
  • Increased the chance for players to receive Legendary rewards in the Proving Ground Trial chests
  • Increased the amount of Eridium rewarded from Vault Card Chests
  • Increased the amount of Eridium dropped from Circle of Slaughter Bosses
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