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Borderlands 3 Director's Cut Coming March 18

The latest edition of the Borderlands Show dropped a bunch of details about the Designer's Cut update to Borderlands 3, including a release date.


Borderlands 3's big Designer's Cut update is coming on March 18. The announcement came as part of the latest Borderlands Show stream.

As detailed on the stream, the Director's Cut update will include a new series of story missions with a murder mystery angle, along with sets of daily and weekly missions. It will also include a collection of behind-the-scenes content like concept art and storyboards. The behind-the-scenes content is said to include bloopers, cut content, and bonus footage.

The big reveal, though, was the addition of a full-fledged raid boss, Hemovorous the Invincible. Host Greg Miller noted this is among the top requests from Borderlands fans. The door on Pandora that has been locked since launch will finally open, leading to the new content. You'll need to complete the main campaign to take part in the fight, and you need to pay 500 Eridium each time you want to unlock the door.

The stream also detailed the new Vault Cards, which will offer exclusive rewards as you complete your daily and weekly challenges. You can get exclusive cosmetic items as well as specialized loot that matches the theme of the Vault Card. It seems to essentially be a battle pass system.

The stream also revealed another set of Multi-Verse cosmetics, which rather than simply recoloring the hero changes their models entirely. The previously revealed Final Form pack showed what the Vault Hunters would look like if they'd never become Vault Hunters at all. The new Multi-Verse cosmetic pack is called Disciples of the Vault, and shows what they'd look like if they'd fallen in with the Calypso cult that drives the main campaign story. Those will come as part of the Season Pass 2.

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