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Borderlands 3 Details Bloody Harvest Halloween Free DLC

Bust ghosts, get new loot, and face some creepy ghouls.


In its first Borderlands Show stream, Gearbox has detailed its plans for Borderlands 3 post-launch content, starting with the Halloween-themed event Bloody Harvest.

The free Bloody Harvest update will arrive in late October (naturally) and run for a limited time. Game director Paul Sage said it would last about six weeks. During that time you can collect themed Legendary weapons and skins, and discover spoopy new environments and enemies, all culminating in a wicked boss battle.

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To begin the Bloody Harvest content, you'll need to have ventured off of Pandora and into space. You'll start finding Haunted enemies roaming the galaxy, which can give you a new "Terror" debuff that obscures your vision and weakens your gun handling, accuracy, and spread. Taking down Haunted enemies earns you Hecktoplasm, which can be handed over a new character aboard Sanctuary named Maurice. That will gain you access to the new Bloody Harvest map.

Once you fight yourself through the creepy crawly Bloody Harvest map, you'll fight the Baron of Bloody Harvest, a ghostly form of the Captain Traunt boss from the main campaign. New gear to collect will include two new guns and a shield that use the Terror mechanic, a Global weapon skin, weapon trinket, and skins for each Vault Hunter (including Moze's Iron Bear and FL4K's pets). Anointed weapon drops will also have a chance to get the Terror debuff.

The stream also revealed the release date for Borderlands 2 VR on Steam, which will drop October 22. The studio promises the next Borderlands Show, to come next month, will reveal more about the next piece of post-launch content, Maliwan Takedown.

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