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Borderlands 3 Adding Full Cross-Play Soon Following PlayStation Holdout

For years, Sony did not allow cross-play, but the company is finally coming around.


It is no surprise given what the studio said recently, but Gearbox Software has now officially announced that Borderlands 3 will soon have full cross-play support across all platforms. This was confirmed during Gearbox's PAX East keynote address.

Full cross-play will arrive sometime this spring. With the update, players across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles, as well as streaming through Stadia, can connect and play together.

Full cross-play is coming to Borderlands 3 this spring
Full cross-play is coming to Borderlands 3 this spring

Previously, all platforms except PlayStation supported cross-play in Borderlands 3. Just ahead of the launch of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands--a game with full cross-play support for all platforms--Gearbox's Randy Pitchford said it was "inevitable" that Borderlands 3 would add this next.

Back when Borderlands 3 originally launched in 2019, it was revealed that Sony apparently blocked cross-play for reasons it never disclosed. Sony has historically not been the strongest supporter of cross-play.

During the Epic vs. Apple trial, documents submitted to the court revealed that Sony would require that developers adding cross-play functionality to their games pay a royalty fee.

The documents showed that Sony would calculate this fee based on the popularity of the PlayStation version of the game in question, and how much money it made on the PlayStation Network. Sony has apparently now changed its stance regarding cross-play, or some other deal was worked out in the case of Borderlands 3.

In other Gearbox news, the company has officially announced a new Tales From The Borderlands game and acquired the co-developer of Call of Duty and PUBG.

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