Borderlands 2 is now 2K's best-selling game of all time

8.5 million copies of Borderlands 2 shipped means that's a lot of randomly generated guns.


Borderlands 2
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Borderlands 2 is 2K Games' best-selling game of all time, the publisher's parent company Take-Two Interactive has revealed.

The loot-filled open-world shooter, developed by Gearbox Software, has shipped more than 8.5 million copies since its launch in late 2012. The latest sales number comes as part of Take-Two's latest financial report.

Borderlands 2 is expected to reach PlayStation Vita later this year, although this version of the game has not been since since it was announced in summer 2012. So far Borderlands 2 has been released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, and was re-released in 2013 as a Game of the Year bundle, with a sizeable chunk of the game's downloadable content already added.

2K Games is also the publisher behind BioShock Infinite, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and Civilization V.

The success of Borderlands helped contribute to Take-Two's quarterly profit of $210.7m, with the company's biggest financial gains coming from Grand Theft Auto V.

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