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Borderlands 2 Creative Director Leaves Gearbox

Paul Hellquist quits Gearbox and joins nearby independent developer Robot Entertainment.

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If there is to be a Borderlands 3, veteran Gearbox Software designer Paul Hellquist won't be a part of its development. Hellquist has left Gearbox to join independent developer Robot Entertainment (Orcs Must Die!) as its lead game designer.

Robot CEO Patrick Hudson announced the hiring of Hellquist today on the developer's website.

"I spent a considerable amount of time with Paul recently, and I was consistently impressed with his breadth of thinking, passion for great design, and humility," Hudson said. "His remarkable portfolio of work is clearly well-earned. Paul is a great fit for Robot, and I expect him to have a profound impact on the games we make, starting with Orcs Must Die! Unchained."

Gearbox and Robot are both based in Plano, Texas, so thankfully for Hellquist, he probably didn't need to change his living arrangements to take the new job.

Hellquist worked at Gearbox for more than seven years, most recently serving as creative director on hit shooter Borderlands 2, which has shipped more than 10 million copies. Prior to that, he led the design team for influential 2007 shooter BioShock when working at Irrational Games in Boston.

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