Borderlands 2 Claptrap model complete; now win him!

Our custom-made Claptrap model is finished, and now's your chance to win him. Copies of the game are also available for runners up!


Borderlands 2

Earlier this month, we asked 3D print model artist Psychobob to create a bespoke Claptrap figurine. He's now finished, here in the office, and it's time to give him away! The model is intricately detailed, lights up via a USB cable, and he's a true one-off--only one of these has been made!

In the second episode of his video feature, Psychobob explains how he made the model itself and finished it off before bringing it in to hand over to us. Now it's time to give it away, so to be in with a chance, just answer this question:

What is Claptrap's official title as given in the game?

Simply email the answer to with your name and address. We also have five copies of the game to give away on Xbox 360 as runners up prizes! Apologies in advance, you must have a UK address to enter this competition. The competition closes at 6pm on Wednesday 3 October.

To find out more about Psychobob's other game-based work, including his Atlas figure from Portal 2, and a USB-powered Dead Space Rig helmet, head to his website.

And finally, here's Claptrap himself hanging out in the office!

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