Boost Your Score in Hitman: Sniper Challenge

Unlocking permanent point modifiers by completing challenges is key to maximising your score in Sniper Challenge. Here's how to do them all.


Hitman: Absolution

Hitman: Sniper Challenge is the downloadable mini-game you get for pre-ordering Hitman: Absolution. It's a score-chasing slice of sniping action, and if you're after a better spot on the leader boards, you could do worse than nailing all the challenges, each of which give you a permanent score-multiplying bonus. Here's how:

Challenge: Oh Mine God

"Activate the mines"

What kind of a maniac has 10 landmines on plinths as party decor? The kind of maniac you’ve been sent to kill. Shoot all his precious mines for a nice score multiplier.

Challenge: Elevated

"Free elevator ride"

Hit the green elevator panel to open the elevator doors and attract a bodyguard’s attention. When he comes over to look, the idiot, shoot him into the elevator shaft. Pro tip: if he doesn’t fall properly the first time, the idiot, give his corpse a nudge with a second bullet.

Challenge: Bored Chipmunk

"Left out from the party"

Bag yourself a 1.05 point modifier by despatching this unsuspecting and inexplicably costumed civilian in the window here. What did he ever do to you?

Challenge: Rub the Duck

"They are always here"

For nailing all the rubber ducks hidden around the building, you get a permanent 1.07 point modifier. Check the video for their locations.

Challenge: Leap of the Ninja

"Put the ninja out of his misery"

Cast your crosshairs across to this other building and zoom all the way to catch this tiny silhouette poised right at the top. Then help him all the way down to the bottom for a 1.07 modifier.

Challenge: Long Live the Patriot

"That’s a knockout"

And now to a building on the left, where another tiny silhouette is working over a punchbag on the roof. Resist your assassin urge to headshot him and shoot down his punch bag instead. Boom: 1.05 point modifier.

Challenge: It’s a Trap!

"They don’t need more alcohol"

Okay, captain killstreak. Take out the bodyguard man patrolling on the right-hand lower walkway by shooting the pulley ropes on the platform above him, showering him with booze barrels for a 1.06 modifier.

Challenge: No Pigeons Were Harmed

"Damn pigeons are in the way"

There are five of these ratbirds hanging out around the level. Check the video for their locations, then put them out of their avian misery in a little puff of blood and feathers.

Challenge: Fly By Prevented

"Shoot the flying pigeon"

Once you’ve exterminated the feathered five for the No Pigeons Were Harmed challenge (see above), a flock of their buddies will scatter above the building while you’re reloading.

Look to the right of the main tower for a stray bird that will fly up and to the right--that’s your hapless target. Lead it with your crosshairs and use the time-slowing effect of Agent 47’s breath control for a juicy 1.20 point modifier.

Challenge: Gnome Invasion

"Gnomes are invading the apartment"

There are four gnomes hidden on the building, and you’re going to shatter them all. One is under the helipad, the others are around an apartment to the right, where the tinfoil hatted man on couch lives and has been collecting them.

Challenge: Wow!

"Remove the stripper evidence"

An absent-minded stripper, apparently, has left her stripper accoutrements dotted around the party. Look for a boot by the hot tub, a hat on the bear, and a nurse’s cap on the bench by the pool.

Challenge: Crack All Eggs

"Kill all targets with headshots"

As it says. Pick off the stray bodyguards (you can lure them away from their colleagues by shooting out lights) and hide as many bodies as possible by toppling them off the edge of the building or down the elevator shaft.

Challenge: Mr. X

“Who is this mystery man?”

This enigmatic chap doesn’t appear until you’ve unlocked every other challenge (see above). Once you’ve done that, look for the window with the panda plushie in it, pop down a couple of floors, and you’ll spot him. BLAM! BLAM?

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