Boogie shuffles onto DS, PS2

Electronic Arts reveals that its less-than-well-received rhythm game will prance on two new platforms this holiday season; DS edition to use 3D glasses.


Boogie on the DS.
Boogie on the DS.

Last month, Electronic Arts took its first stab at the growing rhythm-game market when it released the dance-karaoke title Boogie for the Wii. Like harsh judges on So You Think You Can Dance, critics were none too kind to the game. However, like a plucky contestant on the wildly popular show, the publisher is pressing on, today announcing Boogie for the PlayStation 2 and confirming that it would also be arriving on the DS.

Like its Wii sibling, the PS2 and DS Boogies will feature covers of hits from pop sensations past and present, including the Black Eyed Peas, Britney Spears, Kool and The Gang, and the Jackson 5. Both games are also being developed by EA Montreal, and both will be due out this holiday season, with some retailers listing the game with a mid-November launch date. Presumably, both will also bear the original's E for Everyone rating.

Both versions of the game will also feature new, platform-specific features. The DS Boogie will sport 10 minigames and five modes superficially designed for quick play on the handheld: copycat, freestyle, choreography, DS download play, and multi-card play. The game will also be the first DS game to ship with a special pair of 3D glasses, allowing for eye-popping visuals.

Though it won't have the motion-sensing control of the Wii edition, the PS2 boogie will allow players to record their voice and make their own in-game dance videos via a video music creator.

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