Bonus Rock Band 2 DLC due Nov. 4

Purchasers of new copies of game get free 20-song set of "emerging artists" from Christian alternative to Japanese metal on Election Day.


Rock Band 2

Rock Band 2 comes with 84 songs on the disc, but Harmonix has been promising Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii gamers an additional 20 downloadable tracks for no extra charge. After much speculation, the company confirmed today a November 4 release for the full slate of songs from an "emerging artist lineup."

To access the songs, gamers will need the DLC redemption code found inside the packaging of new copies of Rock Band 2. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gamers will be able to save the songs to the systems' hard drives, whereas Wii users may need an SD card to store downloaded content. Once redeemed, the code locks, denying those who rent or purchase used copies of the game access to the DLC, given that the songs will not be sold separately.

As with the on-disc setlist, the new downloadable tracks represent a wide variety of musical genres and countries, from progressive Japanese metal band X Japan to Portland, Oregon's Christian alternative act Kutless.

A full list of the tracks follows below (artist/song):

The 88--"Sons and Daughters"
Authority Zero--"No Regrets"
Between the Buried and Me--"Prequel to the Sequel"
The Cab--"Bounce"
The Chevelles--"Get It On"
The Cocktail Slippers--"Give It To Me"
Dealership--"Database Corrupted"
Endeverafter--"I Wanna Be Your Man"
The Ghost Hounds--"Ashes to Fire"
Hollywood Undead--"Young"
Kutless--"The Feeling"
The Len Price 3--"If I Ain't Got You"
Lesley Roy--"I'm Gone, I'm Going"
Opiate for the Masses--"Burn You Down"
Semi-Precious Weapons--"Magnetic Baby"
Shaimus--"Like a Fool"
Thenewno2--"Crazy Tuesday"
Tickle Me Pink--"The Time Is Wrong"
Underoath--"Desperate Times, Desperate Measures"
X Japan--"I.V."

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