Bomberman detonates Web site

Redesigned Hudson franchise blowin' up on the 'Net; site features game trailer, screenshots of Xbox 360 game.


Hudson Soft's Bomberman series has been known for its adorable graphics as much as its explosive firepower. The franchise was introduced in the early 1980s, and has been well known for its recognizable top-down view, colorful graphics, and, well, blowing things to smithereens.

At the Tokyo Game Show last year, Hudson revealed that the Bomberman series would be coming to the Xbox 360, and a short video showed that the series would be taking a serious turn.

Further evidence of that turn is now available on the game's official Web site, which was just lobbed onto the Internet. If the screenshots and trailer are any indication, Bomberman: Act Zero will be virtually unrecognizable to fans of the earlier games.

A trailer shows off the new look for the titular hero, who has abandoned the expressive eyes and squat body for a Samus-like robotic figure that looks downright mean. Four screenshots show mostly what appear to be menu screens, but one shows a first for the franchise--a first-person mode. According to the site, the game will have a first-person mode, including the standard top-down view, and Xbox Live will also be supported.

Bomberman: Act Zero will be released in Japan on May 25. Hudson has not yet announced plans to release the game in North America.

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