Bomberman coming to the US GameCube, Game Boy Advance

Majesco signs a deal that will bring three Bomberman games to both Nintendo platforms.


Majesco has announced that it has reached an agreement with Hudson Soft to publish one Bomberman game on the GameCube and two on the Game Boy Advance. The GameCube game, named Bomberman Generations, is a completely new Bomberman game that features cel-shaded 3D environments and 16 levels spread over five different worlds. The gameplay will revolve around the player's ability to combine bombs with various elements--water, ice, wind, and light--to unleash new attacks.

The two Game Boy Advance games are two slightly different versions of a sequel to Bomberman Max. Bomberman Max 2: Blue Advance features Bomberman, and Bomberman Max 2: Red Advance features Max. In the games, Bomberman and Max have been shrunk by the Hige Hige bandits' "mini mini" device, so they must fight through approximately 80 different maps to restore themselves to their normal size. Both games also support the Game Boy Advance link cable for three-player multiplayer games.

All three Bomberman games are scheduled for release in the spring.

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