Bomberman announced for N-Gage

Nokia and Hudson Soft announce plans to release an N-Gage version of Bomberman later this year.


Nokia and Hudson Soft have today announced that they will release an N-Gage version of Bomberman in the second quarter of this year. The single-player game will see players bombing their way through eight 3D worlds to recover a golden statue, while the Bluetooth multiplayer game will allow two players to do battle in five specially designed stages.

"It's great to be working with Hudson Soft to bring a classic like Bomberman to the N-Gage game deck," said Pasi Pölönen, director of game publishing for the games business unit at Nokia. "With the two-player mode over Bluetooth wireless technology, Bomberman fans can compete against each other and share in the action-packed 3D world."

According to today's press release, "Bomberman on the N-Gage platform is the first time on any platform that Bomberman players can compete against each other without having to connect complicated cables." This would be true, except of course that almost every version of Bomberman ever released has supported up to four players via uncomplicated link cables or, in some cases, simply by plugging four controllers in.

We'll bring you more information on the N-Gage version of Bomberman as soon as it becomes available.

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