Boll amends boxing challenge

Director still wants to step in the ring with his critics, just not for as long as originally stated.


On Monday, director Uwe Boll, the man behind such critically brutalized films as House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, and BloodRayne, challenged his critics to step into a boxing ring with him.

The director has issued an open casting call of sorts to find his five most outspoken critics, provided they are men, weigh between 140 and 190 pounds, and can offer up two examples of reviews that panned his movies in 2005. During the last two days of filming on Boll's upcoming game-to-movie adaptation Postal, the director said he would step into the ring for a "10-bout match" with each of the five selected critics.

However, when asked by GameSpot how he planned to train for five 10-round fights in two days, Boll said the press release was mistaken, adding "Three rounds should be enough per fight."

But be warned, would-be Boll bashers. The director told GameSpot he has previous boxing experience. While Boll said that he hasn't trained in 10 years, boxing is apparently an interest that has found its way into his professional life, much like games. According to Boll's official Web site, he worked on a documentary called Boxing in 1995.

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