Boktai Impressions

We saw a demo of the new light-sensitive GBA game from Hideo Kojima. Details inside.


Hideo Kojima demoed a brief portion of his new Game Boy Advance game Boktai today at Konami's press event in LA. As you may remember, Boktai is the game that relies on actual sunlight to function properly via a sensor built into the cartridge, and Kojima explained to us exactly how this would work in the game.

Boktai casts you as a vampire hunter in a land overrun by evil. Your weapons is the "gun del sol," and it literally uses sunlight as ammunition. You'll need to expose the game to sunlight to fill up your gun's ammo periodically, although you can store excess solar energy in repositories scattered around the gameworld. Once you're inside a dungeon, you won't be able to simply charge up your gun at any time. However, if the game cartridge is receiving sunlight, you'll see sun streaming in through some windows, and you can step into these to refill. Direct sunlight will also be crucial in defeating the game's bosses.

We'll bring you more info on this strange new GBA title soon.

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