Bob Ross painting DS, PC, Revolution

The late painter and television personality will be resurrected on Nintendo's handheld and next-gen console later this year.


During the 1980s and early 1990s, painter Bob Ross became an unlikely cult celebrity. His friendly demeanor and incessant cheeriness endeared him to daytime viewers of his public television show, The Joy of Painting. His afro haircut and eccentric sayings--including the legendary "happy little trees"--also made him popular among college students, who would catch his program during late-night reairings.

Ross died of lymphoma in 1995, but his legacy lives on in the form of the business he left behind, Bob Ross Incorporated. Though painting supplies and kits are its mainstay, the company is diversifying--into games, no less.

Over the weekend, word began to circulate that a Bob Ross game was in the works for the DS. While initially blown off as an April Fool's joke, the announcement turned out to be true. An official announcement promises that the game is coming to not only the Nintendo DS, but the PC and the Revolution as well. The game is being developed by AGFRAG Entertainment Group, a small company focused primarily on flash games for the PC.

"I grew up watching Bob Ross on PBS and was always in awe of how quickly and smoothly he made these beautiful paintings, which helped inspire my creativity," said AGFRAG Director of Development Joseph Hatcher in a statement. "There are generations that know Bob Ross and his painting techniques, and I want to share his talent with future generations in a new medium."

No release date or gameplay details for the Bob Ross painting game had been announced as of press time.

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