Bob Odenkirk's Character In Nobody Is More Personal Than You Might Know

Odenkirk had his own house broken into and was shamed for not doing more to stop the invaders--just like in the movie.


Actor Bob Odenkirk has spoken about how his new movie, Nobody, is very close and personal to him due to traumatic incidents in his past. In the film, Odenkirk plays an unassuming man whose house gets broken into, leaving himself and his family in shock and terror. His character grapples with the idea that he could have done something to stop the home invaders. As it happens, this very thing happened in Odenkirk's life, and it's still something gets emotional talking about.

"I can only talk about it a little. My family has had two break-ins here in L.A., and the first one was particularly traumatic," he told The New York Times. "The residual feelings of frustration and anger are real and stayed with me. They were something I thought I could build this character out of. I know that violence doesn't solve anything. But believe me, you have a desire to hurt someone who hurts your family."

In the film, Odenkirk's character is called out for not trying to personally stop the assailants, and Odenkirk said he, too, was shamed over his own home invasions. Asked if a police officer told him something similar when his home got broken into, Odenkirk said he remembers being told, "That's not what I would have done."

"Yes--implying that they would have done something violent or confrontational. My immediate thought was, 'Everybody be cool, get this person out of the house, we're all OK,'" Odenkirk said. "It's not really true; we weren't all OK. And the violation that happened, the damage from that--honestly, there's parts of it I can't talk about. I would just say it resonates through our lives. That sense of being victimized by something you can do nothing about and in no way push back against. It really stayed with me, and it still does."

For Nobody, Odenkirk said he enjoyed "acting out my rage" in the film. The action and stunts are purposefully over-the-top, thanks in part to direction from producer David Leitch (John Wick). "It's all phony baloney but super fun," he said.

Nobody comes to theaters on Friday, March 26. For more on the film, check out a roundup of Nobody review scores from across the internet.

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