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Bob Odenkirk Reacts To Better Call Saul Series Finale

"I did nothing to deserve this part, but I hope I earned it over six seasons."


Immediately following Better Call Saul's series finale on August 15, star Bob Odenkirk posted a video to Twitter bidding a fond and appreciative farewell to the fans and his co-workers. As the titular crooked criminal lawyer, Odenkirk stepped into Breaking Bad mid-series with a guest appearance in 2009, blossomed into a main cast character, and then in 2015, he got his own spinoff that came to become both a prequel and sequel to its predecessor.

"Everybody's been asking me how I feel about saying goodbye to Saul Goodman and Better Call Saul, and I'm not good at answering the question because it’s frankly hard for me to look at that experience, and even at that character, too closely," Odenkirk says in the video below. "It's too many moving parts, and they fit together too beautifully, and it's a mystery to me how it even happened."

Adds Odenkirk, "Thanks for giving us a chance. We came out of maybe a lot of people's most favorite show ever [in Breaking Bad], and we could have been hated for simply trying to do a show. But we weren't. We were given a chance, and hopefully we made the most of it. Thank you for staying with us."

After again thanking everyone involved in the production, and the show's devoted fans, Odenkirk concludes, "I did nothing to deserve this part, but I hope I earned it over six seasons."

Although fans have already been theorizing and hoping for another Breaking Bad spinoff, both co-creator Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould say their next projects will be something new.

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