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Bob Odenkirk Is On An Action-Fueled Rampage In Nobody's Super Bowl Trailer

Bob Odenkirk is officially an action star at the sprightly age of 59.


Many of us remember Bob Odenkirk first as a comedy guy, creating stuff like Mr. Show and writing for some of the best comedy shows, like Saturday Night Live and Late Night With Conan O'Brien. Even after his turn as Saul/Jimmy in the Breaking Bad universe, we couldn't have predicted his next move: Bob Odenkirk is officially an action badass in the second trailer for his upcoming movie Nobody.

Nobody stars Odenkirk as Hutch Mansell, the very definition of a mild-mannered suburban dad. Thieves break into his house and he declines to fight back, leaving his wife and son disappointed. The frustration that follows awakens a long-dormant part of Hutch, who was once an "Auditor" and has to once again bring his skills to bear to defend his family.

This latest trailer highlights Hutch's improvisational skills in the heat of battle, contrasted against him being able to cook only one meal--lasanga--as a father.

If it sounds a bit like like John Wick, it's not just you. Nobody is produced by David Leitch, among others, who directed John Wick. Derek Kolstad wrote the film, whose previous credits include John Wick, John Wick: Chapter 2, and John Wick: Chapter 3. Ilya Naishuller, who helmed first-person action flick Hardcore Henry, is directing the film. In other words, Nobody has all the John Wick DNA you can have without Keanu, but with some serious dad energy in the mix, too.

Along with Odenkirk, Nobody stars Christopher Lloyd, RZA, Gage Monroe, and Connie Nielsen. Nobody is headed for theaters on April 2, though with how many movies have been delayed by COVID-19, we're not carving that one into stone just yet.

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