Blur streaking in November

Activision confirms Bizarre Creations' newest racing franchise will make its debut on the Xbox 360, PS3, PC later this year.



Activision Publishing president Michael Griffith appears to be a fan of slipping information out on Bizarre Creations' upcoming racer Blur beyond the traditional communication channels. In May, the Activision executive was the first to openly discuss any details of the game, saying as part of the publisher's fiscal year-end earnings conference call that the game was poised "to do for racing what Call of Duty did for shooters."

As if racing weren't dangerous enough...
As if racing weren't dangerous enough...

Yesterday, Activision held a post-earnings conference call to discuss its profitable April-June quarter, and Griffith again had information to share regarding Bizarre Creations' racer. According to the executive, Blur will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in November.

Initially described as "Mario Kart meets Forza," Blur incorporates destructive weaponry into the traditional race-to-the-finish-line gameplay. However, unlike Mario Kart's blue shells, Blur's power-ups, such as deployable mines, shunts, and barges, require precise aiming to use effectively. The game also features a range of licensed cars and real-world environments.

For more information, check out GameSpot's hands-on with Blur from the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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