Blues Brothers 2000 Hands-On

We took the latest build of Player 1 and Titus' Blues Brothers 2000 for a spin. Here's what we thought.


Blues Brothers 2000

The latest build of Blues Brothers 2000 that we've been allowed to peruse has left us with some rather hazy impressions.

At its core, BB2000 seems to be designed around the Super Mario 64 control scheme, which has become the genre's staple. Even the animations are nearly identical, right down to the dynamic effect used to accentuate the final kick in the three-pronged combo. A "butt-pound" is executable, as is a slide and a tumble. The controls are fairly responsive, and they generally suit the purpose of the game.

The stages - ministages, really, since each level's set is arranged around a sort of hub - seem to be very focused, and they usually require the completion of a single objective. Though many standard platform conventions are widely incorporated, there are a couple of opportunities for amusing gameplay. One example is a ministage in which you have to direct crazed inmates to their nurse - who'll subsequently inject them with their meds - by means of colored floor tiles that each correspond to a cardinal direction. Expect to run the battery of platform-isms in your quest to reunite the band, though such novel instances seem few and far between.

The game also features a rhythm element. During such instances, characters or consequences will direct you to perform the expected button combos. At this point, the rhythm sequences don't seem particularly interesting, though Player 1 still has a few months of development time. Hopefully, the game's musical aspects will get a shot in the arm.

Graphically, the game seems as if it can evolve into a competent final form, though I've the suspicion that the graphics present in the build represent the project's final state. Everything in the game seems generally muted, half-extant, and sparse. Character animations are jerky and lacking in "soul." Player 1 had better spruce up this title, or it'll prove correct the naysayers who croon, "Bad game based on bad film."

Blues Brothers 2000 is scheduled for release in November. Keep your eyes on this spot for our full review of the game come its release.

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