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Blue Stinger

Climax Graphics' new game, Blue Stinger for the Dreamcast.


Some say the end of the world will come; others the apocalypse or the return of Christ. But according to Climax Graphics' new game, Blue Stinger for the Dreamcast, what does happen in the year 2000 is an earthquake that creates a new island off the coast of Mexico.

A year later, scientists are sent to investigate. What they uncover, however, is never exactly clear, as all the information and research mysteriously disappears. Some 17 years later, a top secret group called ESER (Especial Sea Rescue) is sent in to investigate. Elliott Ballade is the leader, Janine King is the brains - and the beauty - of the group, and Dogs Bowers is the demolition and weapons guy. Finally, they're also joined by Nefflim, about whom little is known, other than Nefflim's incorporeal and highly unusual looking.

In any case, the game's filled with monsters to fight, cool guns to fight with, and any number of stunning environments to fight in. If you look at the screenshots, you'll see some gorgeous environments and graphics, things that we can only hope indicate that the Dreamcast will see better days - and more impressive games - than the Saturn ever did. Blue Stinger is slated for a November release in Japan and a likely 1999 release in the US - assuming it gets brought over here, as we expect it will.

Climax Graphics is calling the game a "real-time movie action-adventure," and, to that end, has hired Robert Short (who worked on Beetlejuice) to design the creatures and Peter Von Sholley (who worked on Mars Attacks!) to do storyboards. And if you want to see what it is that they're doing, check out this recently released movie of the game.

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