Blue 52 shuts down

Studio behind Stolen is no more; core team relocated and will remerge as Curve Games Studios.


Deadlight (2006)

On its Web site, The Market for Home Computing & Video Games is reporting that UK game studio Blue 52 is closing for good. The developer was working on Stolen, a stealth game for the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2. The fate of Dead Light, a first-person shooter for the PS2 and Xbox, is uncertain.

"Blue 52 has been liquidated because it was unable to continue to support the overheads necessary for several development teams and a separate technology and tools department," revealed Jaid Mindang, codirector at Blue 52.

While the company is officially going under, much of the core staff has moved offices to finish Stolen, which is still scheduled for an April release. After finishing Stolen, the staff plans to carry on under the moniker Curve Games Studios.

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