Bloodstained Launches On Switch With Performance Problems, Devs Vow To Fix It

A number of "small updates" are incoming.

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Koji Igarashi's recently-released Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has caught the ire of the internet yet again. Following a bug that caused progression issues on other platforms, some Nintendo Switch players are running into performance problems, reporting large dips in frame rate and unstable gameplay. Publisher 505 Games has announced plans to address these issues.

Bloodstained Kickstarter backers received an email from 505 Games' senior community manager Jason Ryan. Ryan said the team has heard the feedback and ultimately wants everyone "to be able to enjoy the game and have it run smoothly." To that end, Ryan said resources will be shifted "immediately" to focus on Switch performance and stability.

"Update 1.01 was published to Switch prior to launch to add content and improve performance," Ryan wrote. "It did not accomplish as much as we had hoped and we need to do more. You can expect a number of small updates that will improve different areas of the game rather than waiting longer for one big update. We will have more details as we dive into the work."

Ryan didn't specify what kind of work the team is doing, nor did he clarify when these "small updates" will release for Bloodstained on Switch. You can check out a side-by-side comparison between the PS4 and Switch versions below.

In other Bloodstained news, the game will add multiplayer in a post-launch patch at some unspecified time.

Off the heels of E3 2019, Bloodstained released to very little fanfare. The launch trailer gave an unexpected announcement in the form of a Shovel Knight cameo. Bloodstained is currently on sale for PC if you're looking for a cheap way to pick up the title.

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Avatar image for nsa_protocol44

These third-party devs have always problems with their games when they launch on the Switch. No wonder. The Switch is last last gen tech, to be honest.

Avatar image for miles_aj

@nsa_protocol44: No, it isn't.

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

It should run like butter with the potato mode settings it's using. There's no reason this game should look this ugly and run this poorly when the Switch can respectably run Doom. I'm liking the game play loop, but I regret changing my backer pledge to the Switch. I've seen mobile ports handled better.

Avatar image for ghost140

Obviously they did not down grade it enough. Just knock down the resolution another notch and call it a day.

Avatar image for sebb

Lol why release it if they knew about the performance issues? That’s always the annoying thing. They know it’s buggy but yet sell it to you anyway. Probably the suits’ fault.

Avatar image for uninspiredcup

Very surprising, not exactly a current gen looking game. Looks closer to a PSP title.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

So uh....I 100%'d the game two days ago. What is Gamespot's excuse for not playing this game?

That's what you do on this site, right? Review video games?

Avatar image for jbreez00

I really only have one question this video and others like it bring to my attention... What are people using to record switch gameplay? I haven't played a game since like Kirby that allows me to even record a 30-second clip

Avatar image for fanboyman

Bloodstain has been delayed so many times, would it really have mattered if they waited another month or two to make sure the game ran well.?

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@fanboyman: It runs great on PC. It runs well on PS4. Obviously the Switch isn't ready, because Switch hardware is terrible so I'm betting the devs were caught unawares at how poor it is, but didn't want to delay the other platforms while they worked on it.

Avatar image for miles_aj

@Thanatos2k: The idea that Switch can't run this game is absurd. The Switch is a pretty powerful console with some great looking games. Besides, PS4 Pro and XBOX ONE X can run this game EXACTLY the same as PC.

Avatar image for neurogia

@fanboyman: An extra month or two is a long time to wait. It would be right in the middle of August-September where other big hitter games are coming out. The time to enjoy the game is technically now...before Super Mario Maker 2, Dragon Quest XI Definitive Edition, Monster Hunter World Iceborne etc.

Avatar image for fanboyman

@neurogia: True but if this game gives a bad first impression, word-of-mouth will spread and it will fail anyway, look at Anthem, Fallout 76 etc. etc...

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@fanboyman: The game is awesome.

Not on Switch, but why would you play a multiplatform game there?

Avatar image for jbreez00

@fanboyman: A difference with this and both of those games is they were by big publishers AND they got bad ratings at launch. From what I've seen of bloodstained, it has pretty good reviews despite these issues, Anthem and 76 never had that in their favor.